JoJo McGinnis with some recent work

A friend of mine has an Australian Cattle Dog with a passion for cans, especially cat-food cans. Jo-Jo never saw an empty cat-food can he didn’t want.

Not that Jo-Jo’s desire was to lick whatever cat food might be left in the can, rather he wanted it for his art. You see, Jo-Jo fancies himself a sculptor. In his vast collection of chewed-up, cat-food cans no two have been chewed alike. Each is Jo-Jo’s own artistic creation.

My friend, Marti (Jo-Jo’s human partner and sometime creative collaborator) sees Jo-Jo as inspiration. Marti wrote a book called, “Cans, The Life’s Work of an Optimistic Dog.” (available on

Marti says, Jo-Jo is an optimist because he only sees “cans,” He never sees “can-nots!”

Can YOU?

How many of us make it a practice to look for, and see, the “cans” in life? That’s what the can-do spirit is all about.

Not too late for one more New Year’s Resolution!!

JoJo McGinnis with some recent work

JoJo McGinnis with some recent work