Optimists, Realists, Problem Solvers and Risk Takers

I love people with pizzazz; I love their stories and I love sharing them with others.  Everyone I’ll be telling about in the upcoming posts are friends who inspire me.  They’re people who define the word pizzazz, people of uncommon style.

To me, people with style are those with the confidence, courage and carriage that trumpets, “I can do this!”  They’re the optimists, realists, problem solvers and risk takers.  The ones who’ve cried, cringed, changed course as many times as they had to; summoned the courage and bucked up, over and over again.

 In the days to come I’ll share the stories of a most interesting group of people.  People with pizzazz to spare; hopefully they’ll inspire you.  Here’s a snapshot of them:

  • Some struck it rich because they had good ideas and were willing to do the hard work and overcome the self-doubt and disappointment;
  • Others created the lives they wanted because they had the courage to recognize and admit when things weren’t on the right track.  They took corrective action, often many times over, and turned the tide;
  • War survivors have stories unique not only to themselves but to their places in time.  Witness the mother who walked more than 300 miles to safety with her two young daughters.  Scant food, fierce winter storms, bombers flying overhead, people who turned their backs.  But they made it;
  • Two refused death despite clinical diagnoses that declared them so.  They lived to reinvent themselves and capture their  most unique dreams;
  • Sometimes people with pizzazz are those who fight their way through physical and/or psychological illness.  For them style can mean simply getting out of bed each morning;
  • Plus, those who stand in the shadows.  Those who truly are the wind beneath the wings of others.

Travel their journeys with me as we begin:  Once upon a time there were people just like you and me who did the most amazing things.

Kathie (middle top row) with some of the people who have inspired her for this new series

Kathie (middle top row) with some of the people who have inspired her for this new series.