Unabashed Joy With Horses!

Unabashed Joy With Horses!

Images from the 2013 Del Mar National Horse Night of the Horse Wild West Show.
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Tommie Turvey

Tommie Turvey

Del Mar Night of the Horse, 2013.  We did a Buffalo Bill Wild West Show with some of the finest performers in the country, even the world.  Audience loved it and so did we!  To be in the company of these great talents, and call them long-time friends, is such a privilege.  I just wish I could assemble ALL of my incredible talents, and friends, into one show.  It would blow the circuits!  These people epitomize everything ever said about finding one’s passion and sharing it with unabashed joy!  I love them all!

Fashioned after the genius of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows, this year’s Del Mar National’s Night of the Horse show was themed: the Wild Westand featured Western-style top entertainers and horsemen from across the nation
We had:

  • Tommie Turvey and Poker Joe,
  •  John Payne, the renowned One-Arm Bandit and his herd of Bad-to-the-Bone Buffalo; Ken McMeans
  • the hilarious roaming ‘cowboys’ known as Fables of the West
  • the Wild West Hole-in-the-Wall Gang
  • Roy Rogers Mounted Shooters
  • the legendary Wells Fargo Stagecoach

Here’s a look at the farewell parade:

For clips of all this year’s performers check out this play list on youtube.

For several albums worth of great shots all by Patti Newton, photographer check these out!

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3