Here’s the Question

Here’s the Question

Here’s the question: “will writing a script for Bo Derek turn me into a TEN?” I really hope so because I’d give just about anything to be free of Gayla the Pilates Nazi! (just teasing Gayla!)

Ramon Becerra

Bo will be Mistress of Ceremonies for this year’s Del Mar National Horse Show Night of the Horse, on April 21st at the Del Mar (California) Fairgrounds . She agreed to do the show because she’s a very good friend of Ramon Becerra, horseman to the stars. Lucky for me Ramon is also a friend of mine so when I asked if he would like to put this year’s show together he agreed.

We’ll have a unique gathering of talent that features:

  • a horse that trains dogs (no kidding!)
  • tiny miniature horses that perform the high leaps and maneuvers of the world-famous Lipizzans
  • trick riders and ropers (who have been invited to perform for Queen Elizabeth in June)
  • dressage freestyle
  • a reining pas de deux
  • daredevils on horseback (think fast!)
  • plus Mexican Escaramusa riders (also think fast!) and
  • Folklorico dancers

Astride his Andalusian horse, a 13-year-old singing sensation will sing the National Anthem. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

It has been my privilege to co-produce and direct Night of the Horse for the last 14 years. The Del Mar team is first rate, the facility is fantastic and the audience loves a good show. Join us, we promise you a real good time!

Rainbow Riders