Now come on, who’s going to tell me the horse business isn’t fun?

How many folks in, “the real world,” hang out with people known as Hole in the Wall Gang and the, “biggest little cowboys on the Old West trail?” And, I’d like to know how many of you real world people have friends who put buffalo on top of a stock trailer and drive off!

Cowboy Improv?

Kathie with two cast members of "Fables"

Kathie with two cast members of “Fables”

Yep! “Fables of the West” is a comedy team (often referred to as ‘the little cowboys on the little horses’) has, in just eleven years time, performed at over 600 fairs and events (in their entirety) from Alaska to Florida to Texas to their home state of California. They have opened up concerts for many of the top recording artists in the business including Lonestar and Kenny Chesney, and have appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

And just what is it these ‘Fables’ cowboys do? “Its high energy and interactive, and we try to involve fair guests by literally making them the main focus of the show”, says Ken McMeans, owner and founder of the Fables team. The group is actually labeled as a ‘strolling grounds act’- never really having a specific show time nor needing (or wanting) to be on a stage (“too far away from the crowd,” says Ken). “I guess I should give some credit to the horses we ride (‘faux’ Muppet-like miniatures), though they seem to sometimes steal our thunder.” Each year, Fables Of The West continues to rank as one of the most booked touring acts in North America each year and is considered by many to be the top grounds act in the nation. Ken says that every show is different and fresh, because, after all, the majority of it is improv. “We mostly make it up on the spot as we go along.”

“The One Armed Bandit”

….is often busier than a one armed wall paper hanger – wait, I mean…..well, he’s busy. He rides a mule and gets his sometimes recalcitrant buffalos to hop up on top of their trailer in front of amazed and amused crowds from coast to coast.

Custer Rides Again….and again….and again….

They call themselves “The Hole in the Wall Gang” and what they do is reenact a western shoot out at full speed.


Wonderful co-creators of amazing equine-world live shows one and all!