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Do plants communicate?

There are scientists and researchers who will say yes, plants talk, and parent their young, and emit a chemical “scream” to call in reinforcements when under attack. A recent PBS Nature segment called “What Plants Talk About,” highlighted the research of Dr. J.C. Cahill, a professor at the University of Alberta, and other scientists. If you want to know more about it, click here. It’s really fascinating stuff.

I love stories like this. Stories about energy and the unseen world. When the yoga teacher says, “Scoop up all that great energy and pull it into your heart chakra,” I want to believe I can do it. And that something transformational will occur. Out of body and life after death experiences? Tell me more! And more, and more! I want to believe every word. When animals find their way home despite distance and circumstances, I’m yelling, “YES!”

This streetcar rolls around the upper tier of my friend's house!

This streetcar rolls around the upper tier of my friend’s house!

Why is it so hard to just believe it like a child believes the tooth fairy will come at night and leave something under the pillow? Do we just lose that innocence as we “grow up?” I want it back! But I don’t want my teeth to fall out to see if the tooth fairy will show up.

I have a couple of friends whose homes are decorated in early childhood. They like it that way. One has a train tooting around on tracks mounted at the top of her walls. The train even goes through the shower! A bit of a surprise for the uninitiated.

Then there’s another friend whose whimsical art covers every square inch of her home. When you go inside you don’t know where to look first. Sit down and you might find yourself on a unicorn, or a bunny.

happyart studio

…every square inch is covered with art!

These people have it right in my opinion. They surround themselves with things that make them happy. Isn’t that a great way to live? I make it happen for myself with flowers and fancy soaps and pretty things.

What can you do to surround yourself with the energy that brings you joy? Now that you know the plants are all talking you might want to be careful where you put them!